Clean Design & Coding

Source code is the fundamental element of website design. Without it you don’t have a website. If your website is not coded correctly search engine spiders may have difficulty understanding what is on your page. Your customers may not be enjoying the best user experience. And it may be costing you money.

What is Source Code?

Source code is a collection of text instructions using a language that is understood by computers. To ensure the standard of the code is maintained, The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was established in 1994. The W3C provides guidelines to web developers to ensure correct protocols are used, in order to assist the long-term growth of the web. Clean code is important because you do not want a website that gives the wrong signals to search engines. If there is surplus code, it can slow down your website, creating a poor user experience.

How Do I Know If My website Uses Good Code?

W3C provides online tools for validating code to ensure it is correct. These tools are able to check a variety of markup, including XHTML, HTML5, CSS Stylesheets and Semantic Data. When using the W3C Validator, it will show you any issues on your websites code and it will show you the document types. You can find the W3C Validator here.

Structured Data

More advanced websites contain structured data. Structured data is the description of all markups that abide by a certain set of predetermined rules. If When Search Engines are able to understand the structured data markup on your website’s pages, they are able to use the information so they cam add ‘rich snippets’ and other unique features in their search engine results pages. Google has a tool for Webmasters who want to test the structured data of websites. You can find the Google Structured Data Test Tool here.

What Does this Mean for Me?

Here we have provided a brief insight into some of the many technical aspects of website development. This has been done in an effort to help you understand that websites are not all the same. We create the best possible websites by using the best types of code, that comply with the most up to date techniques and standards.

Why Is Design So Important?

You’ve probably visited thousands of websites yourself. How frustrating is it when you land on a website and you struggle to navigate your way through it? This results in an unnecessarily high abandonment rate. So instead of your customers buying your products or services, they leave the site and continue to search for a site that is more easily navigated. The placement of images, links, text, advertisements, navigation, social links etc. is incredibly important.  You will find that all the websites we have built are easy to use and navigate.

Can I Choose the Colour Scheme?

Of course, you can determine the choice of colour scheme to suit your brand or your ideas of what you want. We can also give you advice as to what colours will work and how the colour scheme can affect your users.