How e-commerce websites changed shopping

We regularly hear stories about retailers in Australia closing down and going out of business. Whilst this is very sad, many of them failed to realize the changing trends in the way people like to shop. For most people getting in the car and travelling to the local shopping centre is a thing of the past, and something that just takes too much time.

How many times have you gone to your favourite shop, waited 10-15 minutes to be served, only to find out the product you want is not in stock? Or you find what you want and the price is double what you can buy it for online? Consumers are sick of the salesperson’s attitude in most cases and they want to buy now. Yesterday I went to a pet shop, looking for an aquarium pump. Same old story, haven’t got the one you want, but we can order it and have it here in a few weeks. Of course, by then, my fish would be dead. Go online and it arrives by courier tomorrow, at half the price.

Yet, when we speak to business owners who are complaining they don’t make enough sales to cover the rent, these same business owners tell us they don’t need a website. It’s a bit like when ATMs were first introduced and nobody said they would use them. Any retailer or wholesaler who does not have a website where their customers can buy directly from the site, without having to talk to a human being is doomed to die.

Australian Businesses are slow

e-commerce_websites_200In 2013, 53% of Australian businesses still do not have a website. These are probably the ones who are complaining they are not doing so well. The majority of consumers doing business today will search for your business on an i-pad or an i-phone. Don’t know what an i-pad or an i-phone is? Then go to an Apple store and find out. Whilst the government has been slow to roll out the NBN in Australia, eventually most parts of Australia will have high speed internet access. If your business can’t be found on the internet, then don’t whinge when you go out of business. If you sell products and you don’t have an online store or an e-commerce website, then expect your sales to slow down quickly!

Changing Shopping Trends

Decades ago, if you wanted to buy something, chances are you went to the local ‘General Store’. Transport was slow, not everyone had a motorcar and there wasn’t a huge choice of what you could buy. In the sixties and seventies, shopping centres emerged, where there were a number of different types of shops. These remain popular. But in the eighties and nineties these shopping centres grew into hyper-domes and small cities.

Shopping online is relatively new, but consider this; last year (2012) online shopping in Australia set new records. This year Australia Post declared it delivers more parcels than letters. Rising fuel prices and increased hours at work mean less time to drive around trying to buy what you want or need. That is why most people are turning to online shopping.

You need an e-commerce website

If your customers can’t buy your products or services through your website, then you need a new website. We build e-commerce websites that will increase your turnover and your profit. These e-commerce websites are not expensive and allow your customers to do business with you, the way that they want to. If your business is not what it used to be and you don’t yet have an online presence, then contact us today.