Search Engine Optimisation

Finding a good web designer is the first step to achieving a good outcome online. It is, of course, imperative that your website is easy on the eye, that it functions properly, and that the architecture is user-friendly. The choice of the colour scheme has a dramatic effect on how your users will interact, how much time they spend on your site and whether or not they buy your goods or services. We make sure all these elements are addressed at the design stage.

But most people are unaware that a good designer may not necessarily be a good developer! Once you’ve decided on the appearance, the designer hands the project to our development team. Our developers turn the design into a working website. They are responsible for the coding, the CSS, the HTML and all the technical aspects of your project. And, not all developers are created equal. We oversee the development of your website to ensure that it has the best chance of ranking well in Search Engine Results pages.

So instead of getting a one man band to do a ‘one size fits all’ style project, you get the benefit of a team of more than twenty designers, developers and search marketing specialists.

Search Engine Optimization Starts Here!

Whilst there are indeed, hundreds if not thousands of factors that determine where your website sits in the search engine results pages, many of them are determined, by the way, your website is developed. And if your developer has no clue about SEO, you are just wasting your money. Because you may have a great looking website that has absolutely no chance of ranking. When and if you find a search engine marketing person who knows what they are doing, he or she might have to give you the bad news; that you need a new website. In fact, some SEO specialists will not even work on a website they did not build from scratch. From a technical SEO perspective, we see the mistakes that are costing clients money.

The structure of your website, the coding, page load speed, markup, architecture and design, are all vitally important. When you purchase a website from us, you can be confident that it has been built with SEO in mind. And once your website is complete, we can continue working with you to ensure your online success.

Get It Right From the Beginning!

You may find a company that can create a very pretty website. You may be able to get a great deal from a mate. Or you may pay a fortune, thinking that you are buying the best. But how disappointed will you be to find out the website you purchase is riddled with validation errors? Or that it takes forever to load because the person who coded it had no idea what they were doing. You may be tempted to create your own website using a cheap word press theme, only to discover later that the coding is preventing your site from ranking in search engines. We work on the philosophy that you do it right once! In the long term, this will be the most cost effective strategy.

How Do I Find A good Web Design Company?

There are a few tricks to spotting the cowboys in the industry. First, take a look at the websites they have built. Then scroll to the bottom of the page. If they are promoting their business in the footer section of their client’s websites, then avoid them. This is not good practice for a range of reasons. It can be damaging the client’s search results because they are sending link juice away from their site. They are also linking to an irrelevant page. These footer links send search engines signals that you may be spamming. It is not your responsibility to boost your web designer’s business, and we would question the ethics of any company engaging in this practice. Read what Google has to say about the use of these types of links. Anyone with any ounce of knowledge would not engage in this strategy.

The Need for Speed.

The download speed of your website’s pages is an important ranking factor. Yet most web design companies pay little or no attention to this. You can easily check a website’s speed using either of these speed test tools.

Google uses Page Speed as a factor in determining where your website will rank. Slow websites create a bad experience for the users, causing them to leave your website more quickly. That’s why we make sure you get the best speed possible for your money.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

If you’re starting a new business or you haven’t yet got your business online, then you will need to choose a domain name. Your choice of domain is vitally important. We will assist you to make the right choice when it comes to buying a domain name. Sometimes names may be available that may cost more than just $10 to register, but if you get more traffic to your website because you have a reputable, aged domain name, then the investment will be worth it.

Talk with us today to ensure you get a high-quality website for your business!