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Our Services

Fandango Design Biz offers a complete solution to your online business requirements. Our experienced international team will create a concept that allows your customers to not only find your business, but to be able to interact easily and to have a positive experience online with your company.

  • Websites that work and are easy to use
  • Custom designs to suit your business needs
  • Online shopping solutions to simplify your sales and marketing process

We value our customers and we know you do too! Therefore your online success is as important to us as it is to you. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with everything we do. Finding someone you can trust is not that easy, that’s why we value your trust in us.

CMS Design

No matter what your business a Contact Management System that allows you to remain in touch with your clients is vital. It costs six times as much to find a new customer as it does to get your existing customers to return to your business. Most businesses fail to maintain contact with their own customers, even when they have their information.

  • Online CMS systems that enable easy email and newsletter distribution to your client base
  • Simple to use and simple to manage – keeping your life simple
  • Create loyalty programs and build massive sales with a Contact Management System solution

Manage your website with ease

  • Websites for Hotels, Motels and Resorts
  • Online booking solutions for accommodation businesses
  • No matter what you are selling, we have the online solutions for your business

E-Commerce Websites

Online shopping is the fastest growing business on the planet. Every day millions of consumers are making their purchases online. Yet, so many businesses do not have the facility to sell their goods or services online. Creating an e-commerce website will not only boost your sales, it will make the sale process more simple for your customers, whilst also managing your inventory. We have the solutions to all your e-commerce needs. Now you can sell your product 24/7 without having to wait for your customers to work through your front door.
Your e-commerce website

  • Allows customers to purchase and pay while you sleep
  • Allows you to change your pricing with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Maintains your inventory and notifies you when stock levels are low

Responsive Website Design

With an increasing number of your customers finding you on a mobile device, you need a website that works well no matter what screen size it is being viewed on. In 2014 the number of users searching the internet on mobile devices exceeded those doing so on a desktop PC. In April 2015 Google is updating their algorithm to favour websites that are mobile friendly.
Our responsive designs enable viewing on all mobile devices including i-Phones & i-Pads. As well as being compatible with all types of browsers and screen sizes. If your website is not mobile-friendly you are costing yourself money.

  • Allows customers to use your website on all devices
  • Potentially increase revenue by more than 100%
  • Benefit from better positioning in search engine results pages